10 Most Haunted Places in the UK

I always loved to visit haunted places and listen to these stories very interestingly. These places are everywhere around the world whether it’s developed country or a developing one. Here I choose England to see that what kind of spooky houses they have and what kind of activities are happening in around these houses.

1- Borley Rectory, Essex



Every haunted castle has his own history. This mansion was ruined by fire in 1939 and didn’t get re-modified since then. The locals claim that they say a nun ghost along with two headless men. Also they heard the breaking sound of the bottles and ringing of bells.

2- Ancient Ram Inn, Gloucestershire



This house is witnessed so many horrible scenes, including sacrifices of children’s, practice of black magic and suicides. The house owner declared that this is a creepy place to live.

3- Pendle Hill, Lancashire



Bronze Age burial site was discovered and that is the main reason why this hill is famous. The Pendle witches also lived in this hill.

4- Berry Pomeroy Castle, Devon



It is one of the scariest castle of the UK. Stories are there are two ghosts who hide in the castle named as the Blue lady and the White lady. The blue lady pretends that she need help and those who help her is trapped.  While the white lady is the one who haunts the cells of the castle.

5- Woodchester Mansion, Gloucestershire



A very unique gothic style house located in Gloucestershire and it is not finished, people don’t know the reason behind that. Tourists mentioned several times that they say phantom of horseman and some were attacked by ghosts.

6- Village of Pluckley, Kent



This house looks small but believe it or not this house is scariest and most haunted in the UK.In 1989 it was mentioned in the Guinness book of World Records. Several supernatural activities have been caught in this area, like man screaming in the night, a woman smoking in the bridge and a school master hanged by a group of students.

7- Athelhampton House, Dorset



This house is located in Dorset and people said that they heard noises in the night. And they also spotted a women with her cat several times. But they don’t know who she is.

8- Tower of London, London



There are huge number of executions carried in this castle. Wakefield Tower is said to be haunted by Henry VI. And some says that on the death anniversary he was spotted in the tower and there is another ghost of White Lady who wave to the school children and we can even smell the perfume in the tower.

9- Salmesbury Hall, Lancashire



It’s the ancient castle having the soul of Lady Dorothy and other tortured bodies. This castle was appeard on a TV show Ghost Hunters International. People said they even caught some ghosts in camera also.

10- Chilling Castle, Northumberland



Several executions, tortured child’s, Lady Mary ghosts and a frightening royal parade all these things makes this place haunted. This castle was built in the 12th century and is a very attractive place for those who love to see these places.

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