12 Lies That Everyone Tells On the First Date

Dating is fun, but date someone who is more likely your type. Not the one who keep lying about personality and their habits to keep in touch with you. Be real and be with someone who care about your feelings, and selfless. Who is willing to do everything without any strings attached? Mostly people comes up with excuses or you can say proper lines, what they are going to ask and say. So choose what is meant for you and what you really desire off.

1. One of the common and most lines probably shared on first date is “I don’t do it”. It’s my first date. Or they used first time social media for date purpose.



2. You just want to ignore the date and give preference to be alone in your home and probably watch TV or play some video games and that’s it. Then you come up with this idea that you have an early or a busy weekend.




3. One of the best lie that partners keep telling to each other’s that they are full and don’t want to eat. Then they order salad and go for that thing which is less costly. But the fact is they want to eat some heavy meal but they can’t either they don’t have much cash or they are just saving their money. But same person will eat such heavy meal if you said to him that dinner is on me. 



4. Kiss on the first date is very nervous situation for some partners, some are very lousy kisser but some are very passionate. So when a guy or a girl won’t kiss on first date it’s because they don’t know how to kiss or they just don’t want to.



5. While explaining why they are late for the date? You will get only one common answer that they stuck in the traffic. Well it’s not a lie actually because I remember when I was going for my first date I actually got stuck in the traffic and I was late for at least 45 minutes.5


6. Describing your job role very strongly and make it look like you are doing some really heavy work in the office and cannot give time properly for dating.6


7. There is another line you probably heard that “I need some time to think off” like they just broke up with someone and it could be a week or sometimes more time to let it go. But inside they are taking decision whether they want to be with you or not.



8. When a guy offers you a coat, jacket or a hoodie to wear and they said that they are not feeling cold trust me they are freezing right now all they want is to give a warm feeling.



9. Stalking before dating is very common these days. When someone is explaining what they do for living and you pretend to listen it for the first time but deep down you know you are faking it. You already know the details.



10. Everybody have different mind sets and they like to be that way. In a relationship you have to act like you care other interests as well. Like someone let’s say guy love sports and he wanted to talk about it and you just have to take interest in it whether its suits you or not.



11. Telling stories about your family isn’t a good way to start your first date. You need to focus on your partner.



12. One of the top lie coming out from girl is AGE. Now I mentioned girl because they do it very often. On the other side boys don’t lie too much about their age. But it’s fine as long as you look young and healthy nobody care about your age. It’s just a number, chillax.



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