Famous Artworks of the World

There are so many painting out there in the world that created history, these paintings are recognized on international level. These artwork is so rich and rare that there is no alternative of these. You can call it master piece. These artists who produce this work is unthinkable. That’s the reason centuries have gone but the art work of these legendary artist remains on top.

Here are some of the famous artistic work by legendary artists.

  1. Mona Lisa

In 1503 Leonardo da Vinci created this master piece and that picture is in Louvre museum Paris, and on the average around six million people visit this museum just to look at this class piece.



  1. The Scream

Around 1893 Edvard Munch created this frightening painting and it is displayed on Nationally Gallery of OSLO, Norway.



  1. The Starry Night

This picture by Van Gogh who is a Dutch artist created this fascinating painting in 1889. And this master piece is situated in Museum of Modern Art New York.




  1. The Last Supper

Again a great master piece by Leonardo Da Vinci which shows a dining hall at Santa Maria Delle Grazie monastery in Milan, Italy. This picture was made in late 15th century. The painting portrays a scene where Jesus having last meal with followers.



  1. Girl With A Pearl Earring

Johannes Vermeer sketch this beautiful lady and called her with the name “Mona Lisa of the North” this painting is available at the Mauritshuis Gallery in Hague, which is situated in Netherland. This picture was made around 1665. There is a movie also released by this name in which Scarlet Johnson was the Mona Lisa of the North.




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