If a guy really likes you then he must do these things.




  1. Be honest with you
  2. No matter how busy he is he will text you within 30 minutes.
  3. Take you out for some romantic dinner instead of wasting time on sex.
  4. He will hold your hand in public also so everyone can see how caring you are.
  5. Make plans properly not just rushing it.
  6. Delete everything that is related to his ex.
  7. Don’t flirt with other girls.
  8. He always make sure to give you a proper time.
  9. Instead of just limited to yourself he will meet your parents as well.
  10. Don’t give you a typical comment that you are looking nice or this dress is looking very cool on you.
  11. He will give preference to you in every moment not just in the night.
  12. Can do anything and don’t expect in return.
  13. Share valuable things with you.
  14. Don’t brag about his work.
  15. Whenever they make plans he will make sure you are in it.
  16. Introduce you with his family members and with friends.
  17. Properly dress up for you for the date night
  18. He will spend time with you even though you are having periods.
  19. Always remember your birthday and give you a special gift.
  20. He will remain with you after having sex.
  21. Treat you like you are part of his life not just a girl who can play with.
  22. Listen to you even though he don’t like that topic.
  23. Always keep an eye on you when a pretty girl passes by.

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