Hairstyles can boost your overall look. Let’s just say that it the most important part to increase your style and beauty.  Hairs is not just to look glamorous but is protects your head skin as well. So here are top hairstyles that you can apply in upcoming year to look more freshly and attractive. These are the 2016 top 10 best hairstyles for women.

  1. Bob Haircuts

Those women’s who wants to look more sophisticated and delightful can apply this haircut. Most of the models having long height and with a long jaw prefer this hair style because it suits their face.Bob haircut is on the #1 in our list.



  1. Emo Haircut

To be honest this style looks lesbo to me. It look weird but you will find less weird people in this world. Although it is unusual haircut but still girls prefer this style. Those who are sensitive mind of set they use this hairstyle. It does not matter whether you have long hairs or short you can be able to make this as your hairstyle. A rough hairstyle with rounded cuts then you are good to go with this hairstyle.



  1. Straight Bangs Hairstyles

This hairstyle looks more attractive when you have a rounded face mostly girl’s likes to apply this hairstyle on prom night. It is basically placed on your forehead. It bring out the elegance and the beauty in every girl and also there is a plus point if you apply this hairstyle is you can hide all the pimple on your forehead if you have.



  1. Layered Hairstyles

It is very simple to handle yet attractive. Girls look so smoky in this hairstyle. You need to manage it very well and properly otherwise if you are not getting much attention then you cannot maintain this hairstyle. Its looks more dashy when you are having a long hair. This is on the 4th spot at the moment.



  1. Short Spiky Hairstyle

A perfect hairstyle for models and those girl who have a slim and very attractive face. This hairstyle can improve your hotness. Not just models many rock stars prefer to apply this hairstyle. It is not limited to girls, mostly boys also prefer this hairstyle too. And originally this hairstyle belongs to boys, they are the one who started this hairstyle but now mostly girls starts using this hairstyle.



  1. Scene Hairstyles for Girls

This design looks very simple yet hard to apply. It is currently on the sixth spot in our list. Teenagers prefer this style just to look more attractive and charismatic. Just go to the salon or you can try to apply this by your own its up to you.



  1. Shag Haircut

This hairstyle looks very rough in looking and full or different layers. More the layers the more it looks attractive. Layer is depend on the length of the hairs. Mostly ramp models make this hairstyles to look out of the blue and increase their perfection towards dress and their look. As I mentioned it is very rough look so a normal girl cannot do it by her own you have to go the expert for taking care of this style. One mistake and you cannot make it perfect.



  1. Curly Hairstyles

This is the style that can make you a prom queen. Although this is on the 8th number but it is very elegant style to apply on. You cannot use it on daily basis, you have to use it for parties, prom nights, wedding gift and other functions. In my opinion it is more difficult and time consuming hair design.



  1. Straightened Hairstyles

It is very common nowadays but it looks very sexy if it suits you, just look at Avril Lavigne. You can straight hair by your own and it is less costly than other expensive designs.



  1. Side Swept Bangs

This design is just stunning. College girls can easily say that this is attractive than any other designs.There are some designs that can make you younger and older but this design can make you look young. So make your first impression and be bold.




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