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What your sleeping position says about your love life

Know your sleeping position by name and what’s the meaning of sleeping in different position with your partner all in this article.

Let’s find out how much you love each other and what’s the relationship status of yours.


In this position you both sleeping in opposite direction facing towards wall.

If once or twice this happens then no worries but if it’s a continues thing then it’s an alarming situation. When this happens it means you need to talk with each other, there is something wrong in the relationship.



The Crab

The person who wants totally freedom in bed is the one who likes crab position. One is a freedom lover who just lie down and expand on the other hand partner wants some cuddle.



The Roof

The roof style where the male shows his supremacy. Both partners lie and female cuddle into the armpit. A very romantic style to sleep for partners.



Pillow Talk

When there is too much to say to each other and you stay awake for having conversation with your partner. In this position you only talk to each other no touching. This probably happens when you started a new relation or newly wed.




There are positions where you can sleep for long time and then there are those where you cannot for more than 30 minutes. You have to change the position. The Hollywood style is among them, it’s a great style for lovers who are in honeymoon. Stars also use this position commonly. In this position he lies on his back while the she cuddle him up.



The Love Knot

In this position couples form a knot by joining their legs. It is a difficult position and you cannot do this for more than 12-15 minutes. It is you can say an erotic position. Once both goes to deep sleep, the knot is undone automatically and they can comfort themselves by making their own style.



Spoon Male Inside

Man cuddling around her and make her feel safe and also it can warm them up.



Spoon Female Inside

Here woman cuddling around and shows she can also be a protective and up for any task.



Back to Back

A good posture by couple contacting their body back to back while having their own way of style. It shows the closeness and comfort at the same time.



The Freedom Lovers

Freedom lovers which look like cliffhanger or back to back, but in cliff hanger couple lies separately and in no touching distance while in back to back there body is contacting, but in this they are not contacting their body nor too away from each other. They remain in a touching distant and falls sleeps openly.

If you are having this style in your bed then it means you are living a happy and a lovely life with your partner.



If you read it then must share these details with other couples and let them know what’s their current status of the relationship is.


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